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Info about the drapers

January 26, 2009

I am often asked how the drapers are installed, as they do take some “tweaking” to get on right.  On this page I discuss how to get the rubberized drapers we sell to fit, and how the old canvas style drapers were put on.


Year 2008 in Review

December 15, 2008

Another year goes by quickly, and it has been a great one! We keep on getting more and more All-Crops back “on-line” doing their stuff.  Thanks to all for the continued support…..At the end of 2007, I promised to review my “to-do” list for 2008 and see what we accomplished..well lets do it:

1. Get drapers available for the model 40 combine.  I had a prototype set made, but was less than impressed with the finished product.  I then realized the best thing to do is to simply get the 60/66 set and cut them down to size..GRADE: A-

2.Make available more manuals, parts manuals in particular.  Was able top get the 40 and 66 parts manual scanned and available for free on the website…. GRADE: A

3.Overhaul the website (a 2007 goal not achieved) to make it more informative and effective in finding parts and combines. Was able to partially accomplish this goal.  The products page was re-vamped.  I also was forced to write some custom programs to handle  sales as the old method was not cutting it anymore with the increased numer of orders..GRADE: C

4. Get that new drill press assembled to allow us to pre-drill holes for the cylinder bars. Got the drill press up but could never fdind the time to drill the holes….GRADE C-

5. Get to at least one of the Allis equipment shows with a truckload of parts.  Didnt happen.  No time, couldnt afford the fuel. GRADE:F

So how do you grade our efforts? Suggestions, complaints, compliments? let us know!

Plans For 2009:

1. Make improvements to the website

2. Get elevator grain cups fabricated

3. Get Finishing screens and Scour Kleens fabricated

4. Try to get to a show….Really, Really try!

5. Get a 72 parts manual up for free download…

Thanks again for all your support. Merry Christmas to all,  and have a Happy New Year!



Model 40/66 Parts Manuals Free Download

July 14, 2008

I was able to get the parts manuals for the 40 and 66 completed and loaded up to the website. These are no longer in print and usually only available as tattered used on ebay.  To get to the free downloads click here. These are large files so it will take some time to load.  I will have the  parts catalogs for all the models up eventually…

New Products Page is Up!

June 2, 2008

I finally got the new products page live. The big news is I will now start listing parts for other beloved AC implements as I have the chance to add them.  Right now I just have belts listed for the sickle mowers and rotobalers.  The new page allows you to drill down to the particualr implement and will have the capability to provide additional information about the part such as an illustration of where the part goes on the implement.  I hope to have a cache of NOS parts I will have access to listed by fall…You can access the new parts page directly here 

Whats Up!? Fuel Prices!

May 5, 2008

Yes, I have been quietly lately, guess I’d better let you all know I am still alive!  Well, Spring has finally arrived, so great to see everything coming back to life, and yes I still have the urge to plow.

I have been thinking about attending one of the big AC gatherings this year. I would of love to go to the Little K harvest, The Orange Spectacular, or Dale Haymakers show in Paris Ill. Unfortunatly they all are in the Midwest, and I am now 8-12 hours away.  So I did a rough calculation on fuel costs for my diesel pickup: H$ly C$w!! ….. Looks like the fuel cost are going to do me in.  Its a shame, I would love to meet some you AC Guys in person, and being a vendor I should show up.  Another issue is the distance.  I like driving, but my body doesnt. I tend to get very sleepy behind the wheel.  A 12 hour drive both ways is a killer.  Maybe I can find a partner to split the cost and drive time…well enough thinking out loud…

Getting down to business, was able to get a batch of wheel busings for the 60/66’s manufactured  as there are no more available in AGCO land…Also, finishing up the new inventory page.  Should have it up by months end… Better organized, easier to read and more information..stay tuned..


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All-Crop Line Up in Action

March 28, 2008

Here is a clip of the Little-K Harvest at Marion Klutzke’s place in Indiana.  Shows the complete line up of All-Crops in action.

Sp-100 to Ireland Update

March 10, 2008

Gerry King, antique iron collector from Ireland,  shipped a SP-100 in a shipping container from Nebraska to Ireland to add to his collection of farm equipment.  Seems there was only one SP-100 that ever made it to Ireland prior and it had since been scrapped.   I was able to round up the belt set for Gerry, and he has been kind enough to send some photos of the restoration.  Looks like a job well done.. Note that he shortened the header so he could get the combine down the narrow Irish roads. Just in time for Saint Patricks Day, here are some pictures of the “Green”All-Crop

Whats Old is New Again

February 27, 2008

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the old two-fuel tractors…start up on the more expensive gasoline, then switch over the cheaper “distallate”..Well Deutz had developed a two-fuel engine that you start up on diesel, then switch over the raw vegetable oil… Not a new concept really; the first diesel engine ran on vegetable oil. Furthermore there are folks who run diesel engine powered cars on waste vegetable oil.  I have another little business selling supplies to these folks called  But this is the first time an OEM engine manufacture has come out with a full warranty diesel engine that will run on veggie oil…

Corn Head in Action

January 18, 2008

Here is a link I found on that shows an All-Crop 60 w/ a corn head in action. Equipment is owned by Andrew Gubbels. Note the combine is taking only 1 row as the rows were 30″ while the cornhead was built for 40″ rows..

FAQs on finding your very own All-Crop

January 17, 2008

I have written up a list of frequently asked questions I get from folks who want to get a machine.